In vivo Pharmacology Platforms

Melior’s core competency lies in its unique in vivo pharmacology platforms: immuno-theraTRACE®, theraTRACE® and opioidTRACE®.

These are built off of Melior’s know-how around multiplexing animal models of disease--the use of a cohort of animals that might otherwise be used in a single model for multiple models without compromising data quality. This was a founding achievement for Melior Discovery in connection with its drug repositioning mission in 2005 and continues to be a unique and in-demand capability all these years later. Melior’s in vivo pharmacology platforms are part of its extensive suite of in vivo pharmacology services.


Our oncology platform, immuno-theraTRACE, enables you to screen your immune-modulating agents for their therapeutic potential across a range of tumor types. Get the answers you need with custom study designs, including high-throughput mode, which allows you to simultaneously test multiple compounds in smaller groups, and lead candidate mode, which allows you to analyze multiple doses of a single compound within larger group sizes for more powerful results.


The theraTRACE® platform is our phenotypic screening tool for drug repositioning, drug repurposing, and indications discovery. Our default in vivo pharmacology platform is comprised of 40 animal models spanning broad therapeutic space aimed at identifying otherwise truly unpredicted new therapeutic applications of a compound. Although our default configuration is 40 models the platform is highly customizable and essentially all of our engagements involve some level of bespoke configuration.


OpioidTRACE® is our in vivo pharmacology platform specifically tailored for the field of analgesic therapy research aimed at finding analgesic alternatives to opioid or opioids with reduced liability. It examines both acute and chronic aspects of analgesia, different pain pathways, as well as respiratory depression, gastric motility and abuse liability. OpioidTRACE® is part of Melior’s extensive suite of in vivo pharmacology services.