theraTRACE® Phenotypic Screening

How to Best Identify Unpredicted New Uses of an Existing Compound

The Ideal Repositioning Candidates

The archetypal case of drug repositioning, with a discontinued clinical-stage candidate or late-stage preclinical compound, involves working with a “privileged” asset where typically tens of millions of dollars and years of research have been invested. The pharmacopoeia of ideal drug repositioning candidates measures in the hundreds, not the thousands or tens of thousands.

The Ideal Tool Given the Ideal Candidates

Therefore, the ideal screening tool for identifying otherwise unpredicted new uses does not need to be high throughput so much as it needs to be high quality – capable of accurately identifying new biology associated with a given candidate.The highest quality preclinical tool for predicting clinical outcome is an animal model. This is the philosophy with which Melior approaches drug repositioning screens.

theraTRACE phenotypic screening platform enables screening of your drug compound across 40 in vivo models

theraTRACE® is Designed as the Ideal Platform for Drug Repositioning

Our theraTRACE® phenotypic screening platform provides a high quality and cost-effective means of identifying drug repositioning/repurposing opportunities through a broad array of in vivo models of disease in different therapeutic areas.

Melior’s standard platform is designed to evaluate compounds across a wide therapeutic spectrum in an unbiased fashion (i.e. this is a non-hypothesis-driven approach). By evaluating compounds through approximately 40 different animal models representing 14 broad therapeutic areas, Melior is able to uncover efficacy that is otherwise unpredicted and expected by other means.

Years of experience with the models incorporated into theraTRACE® have allowed Melior to multiplex the models, thereby allowing this work to be done for a fraction of the cost compared to running the models independent of one another, yet without compromising the quality of the models in any way. Typically, one or more compounds can be evaluated across a full suite of 40 models in about 10 weeks.

Melior offers access to our theraTRACE® platform as contract research or on a collaborative research basis. We are a dedicated in vivo pharmacology CRO that strives to provide the highest quality service.

If you are interested in learning more about the theraTRACE® phenotypic screening platform, please contact [email protected] to start the conversation.