opioidTRACE® Analgesic Profiling

Providing a comprehensive pharmacological profile for analgesic candidates

With Melior’s wide array of validated animal models of pain, and with the heightened interest in identifying low-abuse analgesics to address the opioid crisis, Melior has configured an in vivo pharmacology platform aimed at specifically profiling opioid therapeutics and related analgesics. 

Specifically, this platform addresses the multiple features characteristic of opioids, including rodent models that evaluate:

Over the course of a few weeks Melior can provide a comprehensive pharmacological profile of an analgesic candidate describing not just its performance in animal models of pain but also its potential liability profile.  The platform is fully customizable and can be configured towards a “screening mode” that is higher throughput suitable for screening advanced candidates or “full characterization mode” suitable for more in depth analysis of a lead.  Most of the models that Melior uses in this area can be performed in either rats or mice.  Most importantly, given the years of experience and frequency with which Melior runs these models, we will provide you with an interpretive brief that provides important context to the data that you receive.  We strive to be not just a service provider but a true partner in your drug discovery and development program.