Management Team

Melior’s management has combined experience of over 150 years of drug discovery and development know-how. Our management and staff have spent years, prior to Melior, working in the most recognized multinational pharmaceutical companies. All of our management team has participated in therapeutic programs that have progressed to advanced clinical stage.

Andrew Reaume, PhD, MBA

President and CEO,

Patty Ferrante

Chief Operating Officer

Vivian Cong, PhD

Vice President of Research and Development

Amy DiCamillo

Senior Director of Behavioral and Pain Pharmacology

Hongyan Li, PhD

Director of Oncology

Lindsey Mayes-Hopfinger. PhD

Director of Immunology and Inflammation

Karla Kretschmannova, PhD

Director of Neuroscience

John A. Gruner, PhD

Director of Neurophysiology

Vipin Arora, PhD

Director of Pharmacology

Shamroop Mallela, PhD

Senior Scientist

Jonathan Palma

Director of Laboratory Management

Erin Davis

Director of Lab Operations

Kathryn Babiarz

Client Coordinator