About Melior Discovery

Discover how Melior’s unique phenotypic screening platforms can uncover the untapped value of your candidate therapeutic


What We Do

Melior Discovery is a world class provider of in vivo pharmacology services. We evaluate candidate therapeutics in animal models of human disease. The company has established and validated over 80 animal models in an array of therapeutic areas such as inflammation, immunology, diabetes & metabolic syndrome, dermatology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, psychiatric, neurological and neurodegenerative disorders. Our expertise, skill level, and the quality of the data that we produce is now widely recognized by scientists throughout the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Why We’re Different

More than just a provider of in vivo pharmacology services, Melior is a pioneer of in vivo phenotypic screening and a leader in the area of drug repositioning.  Its proprietary theraTRACE®platform enables rapid and cost-effective identification of new therapeutic potential by systematically screening candidates in a diverse array of validated in vivo disease models.

Since its founding in 2005, Melior has used this approach to build its own pipeline (Melior Pharmaceuticals) as well as to add value to partners’ compounds. Over these years the company has accumulated a number of illustrative examples for the power of this approach complete with clinical validation of its findings, including several instances of whole new companies that were founded based upon the new therapeutic opportunities discovered in the Melior labs.

Management Team

Andrew Reaume, PhD, MBA

President and CEO,

Patty Ferrante

Chief Operating Officer

Vivian Cong, PhD

Vice President of Research & Development

Amy DiCamillo

Senior Director of Behavioral and Pain Pharmacology

Hongyan Li, PhD

Director of Oncology

Lindsey Mayes-Hopfinger, PhD

Director of Immunology and Inflammation

Karla Kretschmannova, PhD

Director of Neuroscience

John A. Gruner, PhD

Director of Neurophysiology

Vipin Arora, PhD

Director of Pharmacology

Shamroop Mallela, PhD

Senior Scientist

Jonathan Palma

Director of Laboratory Management

Erin Davis

Director of Lab Operations

Kathryn Babiarz

Client Coordinator