Articles where Melior, or our drug discovery approach, was featured.

Is Target-Based Drug Discovery Efficient? Discovery and “Off-Target” Mechanisms of All Drugs

Arash Sadri

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, September 2023

This comprehensive review of drug discovery origins extends the seminal work of Swinney and Anthony, 2011 (see link below) by annotating the derivation of all 1,144 approved small molecule drugs.  A thoughtful review of this paper is provided here.

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Reductionism and Proxy Failure: From Neuroscience to Target-Based Drug Discovery

Arash Sadri

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, June 2023

This short essay, an invited commentary to John et al, 2023, provides a philosophical assessment of of the reductionist approach that is inherent in target-based medicinal chemistry and the discovery biases that follow from this.

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Animal Models Offer Improved Translatability

MaryAnn Lebant

Genetic Engineering News, March 2021

This article discusses the role of animal models in the pharmaceutical discovery process and cites Melior’s CEO, Andrew Reaume.

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A novel non-PPARgamma insulin sensitizer:  MLR-1023 clinical proof-of-concept in type 2 diabetes mellitus

By Moon-Kyu Lee, Sin Gon Kim, Elaine Watkins, Min Kyong Moon, Sang Youl Rhee, Juan P. Frias, Choon Hee Chung, Seung-Hwan Lee, Bradley Block, Bong Soo Cha, Hyeong Kyu Park, Byung Joon Kim, Frank Greenway

Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications, 2020

Melior Discovery’s first repositioned drug, identified with theraTRACE®, is clinically validated.

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Integrated Platform Drug Discovery and Development Companies – Part 2: comparative analysis

By Dr Stephen Naylor and Dr Kirkwood A. Pritchard Jr

Drug Discovery World, Spring 2019

This paper favorably features Melior Discovery’s business model.

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Cell and Small Animal Models of Phenotypic
Drug Discovery

By Mihaly Szabo, Sara Svensson sjärvi, Ankur Saxena, Jianping Liu,
Gayathri Chandrasekar, Satish S. Kitambi

Drug Design, Development & Theory, June 2017

The phenotype-based drug discovery (PDD) approach is re-emerging as an alternative platform for drug discovery.

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Therapeutic Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Part II: Business Review
By Dr Stephen Naylor, David M. Kauppi & Judge M. Schonfeld
Drug Discovery World, Spring 2015

There is an emerging consensus that the impact of Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue (DRPx) on the pharmaceutical industry is real and sustainable.

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Lazarus Drugs
By Kate Yandell
The Scientist, February 1, 2015

While some drugs sail through development, others suffer setbacks, including FDA rejections, before reaching the market.

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Therapeutic Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Part I: Overview
By Dr Stephen Naylor and Judge M. Schonfeld
Drug Discovery World, Winter 2014

The pharmaceutical industry is still beleaguered by escalating costs, stagnant productivity and protracted timelines as it struggles to bring therapeutic drugs to market.

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Download PDF reproduced with kind permission of Drug Discovery World

How were new medicines discovered?
By David C. Swinney & Jason Anthony
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, July 2011

This seminal paper documents the superior pharmaceutical discovery productivity that has been achieved using phenotypic screening versus target-based drug discovery

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A Forensic Analysis of Drug Targets From 2000 Through 2012
By B. Munos
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics June 2013

Pharmaceutical innovation is often measured by counting the new drugs approved by regulators. It is a simple and useful metric, but it has shortcomings. One of them is that it says little about the drugs’ innovativeness. […]

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Exploiting Complexity and the Robustness of Network Architecture for Drug Discovery
By Marc K. Hellerstein
JPET, January 2008

The issue of complexity stands at the center of contemporary drug discovery and development. The central problem in drug development today is attrition of drug candidates identified by the modern molecular target-based discovery approach […]

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Christopher Lipinski, PhD Named in Top Ten Most Influential People in Pharma
World Pharmaceutical Frontiers 2007 Edition Pharma 40

The Pharma 40 has been a great opportunity to evaluate the figures who have the bigest impact on our industry – an to see the sheer scope of their different influences. But when the votes came in, we had to triple-check our figures – not just for accuracy, but because the top spot was such a surprise […]

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