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We understand your challenges

The costs and risks associated with pharmaceutical drug discovery and development are unparalleled among any other industrial endeavor. We know this well because our management and staff have spent years, prior to Melior, working in the most recognized multinational pharmaceutical companies. All of our management team has participated in therapeutic programs that have progressed to advanced clinical stage.

We strive to see your program succeed.

The scientists at Melior work hard to differentiate ourselves from other service providers by working closely with our clients, understanding the goals of a program, and then helping to design the highest quality study possible.

We understand that a well-designed study will move a program forward, be it for candidate selection or for IND-enabling efforts. A poorly designed study leaves more questions than it answers. We take great pride and a sense of fulfilment to see programs that we have been involved with progress into the clinic and on to clinical success.

The proof is seen in our success.

Melior Discovery has established collaborations with Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, among other major partners including hundreds of biopharmaceutical clients. Many of the short term fee-for-service engagements that we have initiated with clients have evolved into long-term FTE based partnerships. Dozens of the programs that we have been involved with have subsequently progressed to clinical success. In fact, some of our recent successes include our own development candidates as Melior scientists have advanced candidates in our sister companies, Melior Pharmaceuticals I and Melior Pharmaceuticals II. You can see them here.