Accelerate your preclinical drug development program

Accelerate your preclinical drug development program

Get preclinical efficacy data faster, and make customized adjustments sooner with our expert in vivo services and validated disease models.

Trusted by the Top Leaders in Pharmacology

Phenotypic screening uncovers otherwise
unpredicted new uses for a drug

Our in vivo pharmacology contract research capabilities

We offer access to dozens of animal models of human disease. Our commitment to in vivo services since 2005 has made us a CRO of choice for hundreds of companies.

Phenotypic screening platform (theraTRACE® ) suited for drug repositioning

The theraTRACE® and opioidTRACE® platforms are our phenotypic screening tools for drug repositioning, drug repurposing, and indications discovery.

State-of-the-art Preclinical Pharmacology Support

Melior provided state-of-the-art preclinical pharmacology support for a period of nearly a year, where a series of in vivo studies were completed on a weekly basis. The staff was extremely user-friendly and the operational processes were excellent. I can recommend Melior without reservation.

Richard DiMarchi, PhD

Cox Professor of Chemistry & Gill Chair in Biomolecular Sciences
Indiana University, Department of Chemistry

About Melior Discovery

More than just a provider of in vivo pharmacology services, Melior is a pioneer of in vivo phenotypic screening and a leader in the area of drug repositioning.

Its proprietary theraTRACE® platform enables rapid and cost-effective identification of new therapeutic potential by systematically screening candidates in a diverse array of validated in vivo disease models.

Serving our community since 2005

Thousands of completed studies

Hundreds of compounds evaluated

Dozens of animal models of human disease

Recent Studies using Phenotypic Screening

Increasingly, phenotypic screening is being recognized as the best strategy to uncover otherwise unpredicted new uses of therapeutics.

Jnk1 and downstream signalling hubs regulate anxiety-like behaviours in a zebrafish larvae phenotypic screen

Ye Hong, Christel Sourander, Benjamin Hackl, Jedidiah S Patton, Jismi John, Ilkka Paatero, Eleanor Coffey