Dr. Andrew G. Reaume

President and CEO,

Dr. Reaume co-founded, Melior Discovery in 2005. As president and CEO Dr. Reaume has directed the fundraising of all investment capital and partnership revenue to launch and grow the company ever since. Under Dr. Reaume’s leadership the Company has advanced from a discovery stage R&D operation to a clinical stage enterprise having completed 2 successful Phase 2 studies involving more than 600 subjects in 80 clinical sites across 2 countries. Dr. Reaume has provided instrumental contribution to many key elements of the Company’s progress including investment financing, partnership activity for the Company’s services, business model architecture, and out-licensing of Melior’s lead product. These activities further include the spinout of two additional companies (Melior Pharmaceuticals I, Inc. and Melior Pharmaceuticals II, LLC) both of which are directed by Dr. Reaume in the capacity of President & CEO. These days, the companies that Dr. Reaume manages are fully supported by service revenue from Discovery with residual capacity directed to internal R&D which supports the “Pharmas” and continues to contribute towards the formation of the spinout entities.

Prior to starting Melior, Dr. Reaume was a Senior Business Analyst at Pfizer, Inc. in the department of genomics and proteomic sciences. While at Pfizer, he conceived of the idea to create a platform for comprehensively characterizing (phenotyping) genetically modified mice. He subsequently spearheaded the initiative to build it with a third-party collaborator by working closely with scientists throughout the global Pfizer organization, business development professionals, information technology specialists as well as the scientists and business development professionals at the partner company.

From 1993 to 1999 Dr. Reaume worked in R&D at Cephalon where he was principally involved in creating animal models of neurodegenerative disease. In addition to Dr. Reaume’s research activities, at Cephalon he identified and helped coordinate in-licensing opportunities.

In 2003, he received his MBA from the Wharton School where he graduated with honors in Entrepreneurial Management. He received his PhD in genetics from the University of Connecticut in 1990.

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