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Histology is an endpoint that is incorporated into many chronic studies such as NASH, fibrosis, the MPTP model and many others including many studies that evaluate biomarkers by immunohistochemistry.

Melior Discovery offers histology services in collaboration with our partner, CaresBio Laboratory (Westport, CT).  Melior has been working with CaresBio since 2017. They are our chosen partner because of their high reliability, fast turn around, and reasonable cost.  Moreover we are impressed by their expert pathology evaluation capability.

In addition to evaluation of tissue morphology using conventional staining methods such as hematoxylin and eosin (H&E), picrosirius red (PSR) and Masson’s trichrome (MT), CaresBio provides immunohistochemistry staining allowing for the evaluation of target or multiple biomarkers of interest.

Melior works with CaresBio as a subcontracted service to provide the histology components of a study in a turnkey solution to our clients.  All histology data is integrated into our final study reports.

Key Offerings: 

  • Histology evaluation
  • Immunohistochemistry staining
  • Pathology scoring (by blinded expert pathologist)
  • Cell counting
  • FACS analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have the ability to perform histopathology analysis?

We work closely with histology labs that can perform histology staining and image analysis. This includes histopathology scoring.

Do you have the capabilities to perform immunohistochemistry?

Yes. The labs we work with can perform almost any immunohistochemical staining.

Can we collect tissue for optional histology depending on the results of a study?

Yes. We can collect any tissue of interest and have the samples processed for histology only after the preliminary results are analyzed.

Synonyms: Immunohistochemistry, histopathology