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Since our inception Melior has had a number of models representing pulmonary disease such as asthma.  With the COVID-19 pandemic we have expanded this capability with models especially suited for COVID-19 and ARDS.

The cytokine storm that is associated with COVID-19 subjects is closely linked to pulmonary complications including pulmonary extravasation (edema)1-5.  Fluid laden pulmonary alveoli have poor oxygen exchange rates and are associated with reduced respiratory function. Patients experience lower oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) leading to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)  causing multiple organ failure and death.

Therefore, key components in this chain of events are pulmonary inflammation and pulmonary edema. For those patients who progress to ARDS but ultimately recover, some may still develop lasting pulmonary fibrosis.

Offering research scientists in their COVID-19 research studies, Melior routinely runs animal models that recapitulate aspects of a number of these key events including cytokine storm mediated pulmonary extravasation, reduced SpO2, and pulmonary fibrosis.


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